[GIF HUNT] Johnny Knoxville


Below the cut are #28 gifs of Johnny Knoxville in recent interviews, because every time I go out to collect gifs of him for FC purposes (as he’s one of my favorites), I don’t find many of him simply talking/reacting a lot. All of these gifs were made by me. Please do not claim as your own or move into your own gif hunts, and a like or reblog is appreciated.  


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42/50 Photos of Johnny Knoxville

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Prank War: Day 1
Vito in Knoxville’s bed

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Johnny Knoxville Drunk History Sneak Peek

In an interview with Rolling Stone about the show’s second season, co-creator Derek Waters praised Knoxville’s efforts to capture Cash’s essence:

"When I emailed him about it, he said ‘Be sure to tell the costume people that I don’t need shoes. I have his boots,’" Waters explained. "He came in with Johnny Cash’s real boots; he bought them at an auction. He said, ‘Too bad there isn’t a knife in this scene because I have one of those, too.’"

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Chalk aht by yours truly.

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